Classic (single)  & Volume (fans)

lash Extensions 

Nothing enhances your eyes and takes your look to the next level like a great set of lashes .  Our team of fully certified estheticians and cosmetologists are here to show you how comfortable,  beautiful lash extensions can be by applying one single extension  or a hand-made fan of super-fine lash extensions to one (and ONLY one) individual natural lash.   

Time Saver - 'I woke up like this'

What if you could wake up and go...  go to work, the bus stop, the gym, to the waiting arms of George Clooney ...looking fabulous? And fabulous is whatever YOU want it to be.  We customize every set of lashes to your individual look.  Our clients can choose to go natural (think awesome mascara-look without the awful mascara)  or glam (go big or go home!)  Lash extensions are designed to add length and curl to your natural lash line. During your consultation with your lash artist you will review the options available to you that will protect your natural lashes while giving you the look you want.

Classic Lash Extensions :  A single lash fiber is applied to each individual natural lash.  Our synthetic lash extensions are made out of a comfortable, vegan material that is completely safe to wear (it's the same material as medical stitches).  Classic extensions are especially great for those with plentiful and strong natural lashes.

Volume Lash Extensions (despite the name) can also be very natural looking.  This advanced technique of hand-making fans can be lighter (fans of 3, 4 or 5) on the natural lash but still give the illusion of many lashes.  This is a perfect choice for older clients, or those with sparse or more fragile lashes.   Then again, Volume lashes on plentiful & strong lashes can be a more dramatic look (fans of 6, 7 or 8!)  All lengths and curls are customized. Volume lashes tend to be more flexible and more natural looking as they grow out.    Because they are applied by our experts, they are weightless and comfortable.  Our studio also offers the following services and more:

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Classic Extensions

Lash volume top view

Volume Extensions