About The Lash Lady

The Lash Lady is your local, go-to studio for professional classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, and lash and brow services,  Our licensed and professional staff is not only qualified to do the job, but they are also passionate as well.  We truly believe that everyone deserves beautiful, safely applied lashes to make them look and feel their best. Learn more about how we got our start below in a message from one of our founders, Lorna.

A Letter from Our Founder

Rebecca and I met over lashes. Of course, right? A classic tale, really: I was getting vacation lashes, and Rebecca was my lash artist.  Having had them before, I wasn’t expecting too much. But unlike the stiff somewhat heavy lashes I’ve had in the past, I was in love with the light, natural yet full and dark lashes that she expertly crafted for me.

Fast forward a few months.

I wanted to learn. She wanted to teach. And I fell in love with the whole thing. The artistry, the precision, the zen of it and above all,  making people beautiful & happy.

As it turned out we had a very similar vision. We believe that the experience of getting eyelash extensions should be total comfort and relaxation. We believe that the health of your lashes is more important than just about anything. We believe that not wearing mascara may be the best thing since Taco-Tuesday.

We saw too many victims of badly done lashes come through the door, after their Groupon/nail salon nightmares, to have them removed. We realized there was a serious need for highly trained, certified, and licensed professionals like ourselves bringing this amazing beauty service to women of all ages.

We promise to bring you exceptional service at a competitive price in a beautiful atmosphere!
Happy Lash-napping.


Contact us today to find out more about our company and our mission. We are happy to serve Kingston, Hanover, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas.